Climate change communications

What can we say about climate change, other than that we wish it wasn’t happening?

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/economist education

I co-created and serve as the head tutor for The Economist Education’s online course on climate change.

The course discusses all aspects of the climate challenge, in particular focusing on its relevance to business, corporate risk, and how executives can become climate champions within their companies.

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//emerald technology ventures

I am a communications consultant and writer for the Switzerland-based venture-capital company. Emerald works at the crossroads of industry and sustainability, funding startups that help effect transformation in sectors like energy, utilities, and chemicals.

Since 2021 I have helped Emerald amplify its voice as a leader in technology for impact. The company’s two-decade track record of investment success sets the stage for it to boost its presence in global debates about efficiency, energy and resource conservation, emissions reductions, and more.

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///methane guiding principles

Rapidly cutting methane emissions from the global energy sector is one of the fastest ways to constrain the rise in global temperatures. I help Methane Guiding Principles promote its work as a leading methane-reduction organization, convening industry, governments, nonprofits, and more to tackle this cross-cutting challenge.

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Reading between the media lines of the China climate story

In which I reflect on the most-important-least-covered aspect of the climate battle
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A Humata touch on climate communications

The second part of my series on using AI to analyze an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report
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Why read when you can cloud?

What I learned using generative AI to analyze climate-change communications
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